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Cari Caruso RN SANE-A...

...has been a Registered Nurse since 1974. Her background in nursing includes Pediatrics, Women's Health, Emergency Department Nursing, GI Lab, and Post Surgical Care, among various other positions. She developed her interest in Forensic Nursing in 1990, when she began conducting evidentiary examinations on victims of sexual assault and molestation, while working in a pediatric emergency department at a Los Angeles County Hospital. Her fascination with this new specialty sparked a desire to further her education regarding the protocols and procedures for the collection of evidence, from reported victims and suspects of sexual assault.

The International Association of Forensic Nurses emerged in 1992 as the only organization for the many specialties for forensic nurses. Cari became a  Charter Member in 1993. She serves as the Southern California Regional Representative (Emeritus) and is a retired Senior Co-Chair of the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Council. She serves on committees to develop educational guidelines and standards for forensic nurses. Currently, Cari is an officer in the Southern California Chapter of IAFN.

Cari continues to increase her knowledge and  education, in the field of forensics, by attending several conferences, courses, and seminars, every year. She lectures and presents on various topics which involve sexual assault and interpersonal violence, evidence collection and forensic examination issues. 

She completed the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Course in 1993, in Santa Cruz, California. She completed the Miami-Dade Death Investigator Course in 1997, and has taught other nurses the detailed process of SANE practice. She has been a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner in the Violence Intervention Program at Los Angeles County, University of Southern California Medical Center, California Hospital, Mission Community Hospital, and established a new SANE Program at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, in 2000. Having built that program from the ground up, creating Policies and Procedures and protocols according to the highest Standards of Care, Cari established her own independent forensic practice in 2003; Forensic Nurse Professionals, where she conducted forensic evidentiary exams, on reported victims and suspects of sexual assault, at the request of  law enforcement agencies, blood collections for DUI Checkpoints and Saturations, DNA collections for legal paternity testing, and provided a variety of other forensic services. Cari's role is ever increasing as a consultant and expert witness for prosecutors and defense attorneys.

In 2002 the first Certification Examination was developed by the Forensic Nursing Certification Board and Cari was one of the first Forensic Nurses, in the United States, to become a Board Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for Adults and Adolescents.

Cari is published in the textbook, by Virginia Lynch with Janet Barber Duval, called, Forensic Nursing Science, Elsevier/Mosby. She is also the instructor of forensic nursing and Sexual Assault Examiner courses for the University of California, Riverside, Extension, and is a Continuing Education Provider.

Cari is proud of her dedication to forensic nursing and her ability to maintain objectivity,  promote dignity, integrity, and ethics in her work.

Cari Caruso RN SANE-A
Forensic Nurse Professionals, Inc.